What We Do

We want to bring beauty to the world. Our company is built around having fun and just enjoying the ability to create pieces that bring happiness to others. Everything is made with gratitude and love, as we believe that energy is transferred into our creations. We want you to receive the energy of happiness, love and gratitude along with your product. My name is Sayaka Jones and I am the creator of Carter Jeauxnz. I have been on this journey of creation and balance for many years. I officially started in 2011 and had to rearrange my way of thinking. With lots of trials and errors, I believe I have found that balance by maintaining loyalty and staying true to myself. Although I am still learning everyday, I am grateful and embrace the journey. We are all unique and I love to create items that express that. We are not mass produced and everything we acquire shouldn't be either. Love, Light and Loyalty... that's what Carter Jeauxnz is all about.